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$15 per 100 sqft, rounding up.

What a shoot entails

2 photos per room, give or take, free neighborhood photos, exterior shot

For all Real estate photo shoots you'll receive  2 images of each room that will give a clear picture of the whole space. For larger rooms or rooms that are difficult to encapsulate in just two photos, I'll take as man more are necessary to show the room clearly. Conversely closets and tiny bathrooms will only receive a single photo. 

If you'd like more photos beyond that, all additional photos are $10 each. I reserve the right to judge what counts as an additional photo vs one necessary to display the whole space. 

With all shoots I include some free neighborhood photos as well as an exterior photo of the building/house. For these I just do a quick walk around the nearest area with shops and grab a bunch of photos of people, businesses, green space, whatever catches my eye. If you want very specific neighborhood photos that are outside of the radius of my jaunt I do charge $10 for those as well. 

For shoots that don't fit this template, like photoshoots of a single room, or pictures of a school, or a business, please email me at to discuss rates.


All apartment/house photos edited and returned within 24 hours, neighborhood photos maybe a day or two later. 

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