What sets me apart from large real estate photo companies is the quality of my work. They offer what they call fusion or HDR photography, an automated process where a computer algorithm combines a dark, medium and light image into one. This is a cost effective one size fits all approach with mediocre results.


The process I and many other architectural/interior photographers use is called flambience. One image illuminated by a large flash is carefully merged with a photo using ambient light. The result is beautiful images that accurately show the interior and window view even if the room is very dark. I can even shoot windowless rooms well where the lights don’t work at all.


My prices are the same if not lower and I guarantee my work will be better, which means it will stand out in the MLS next to all the mediocre photos.


How long will the shoot take?

          Typically shoots don't take more than an hour, as long as the house is

          prepared ahead of time.

When will I get my photos?

          I try to get photos back within 24-hours.

Can I get some Neighborhood photos?

          Yes, just ask and I'll get a few within a block or two radius, free of additional charge.

What should I do to prepare my property?

         The most important thing you can do it open all the doors that lead to a room or walk 

         in closet. 

         These are your property photos, so make the house look the way you want it

         to look. What I suggest is take down any personal photos, hide children's/pet's toys,               clean up any other clutter and sweep. It's also helpful to me to open all the blinds, turn

         on all the lights and put down the toilet seats ( maybe that's my own pet peeve). For

         the outside photos I'd suggest moving your car out of the driveway so your plate isn't

         in the photos and taking down any realtor signs that might already be up.

Do you do virtual staging?


What if I end up not liking the photos? 

          Please explain why and I'll be the judge of whether or not it's a problem on my end or            your end (messy house, chipped paint, etc). If on my end then I'll do a reshoot free of

          charge. If it's because the sky was gray then I will not do a reshoot, the burden is on

          you to cancel beforehand.

Is there a cancellation fee?

          No, but please don't abuse that.


Any other questions, or to book a shoot, please send me an email at ja@jack-adams-photography.com