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It was in 2012 that I bought my first DSLR after taking an intro to photo class. Studying journalism at the time I realized that a camera is a passport to meeting new people and getting to visit new places. My career in photography took off after finishing school, when I began working as a food photographer in Boston. This led into shooting a cookbook and work as a product photographer, with some event and portrait work on the side.


A year ago I decided to broaden my horizons and break into a new genre: real estate photography. I had to unlearn elements of my initial training in photojournalism and even my subsequent food photography. It was a creative pleasure for someone so used to shooting objects to now have to shoot space: the absence of a subject. I have found working with realtors and homeowners fun and rewarding.


I chose this line of work because I love getting to work with great people. Hopefully you can be one of them.

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