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Contact and Location

       My name is, as you probably guessed, Jack Adams. I create media for DC, Virginia and Maryland real estate agents and homeowners to market their listings. That includes photos, virtual staging, 3D tours, floor plans, and videos. I provide an alternative, personalized approach to working with clients that large media companies can't. As you work with me I'll learn your preferences and tailor my approach to what you need. My clients mean everything to me, just like yours do to you, and I promise I'll do everything I can to ensure you get the very best work. 

Real Estate Photos

My real estate photo packages range from $150-$300. I offer add ons such as twilight shoots, virtual twilight, fake screens/fireplaces, and neighborhood photos. I use the 'flambient' method for interior photos, meaning a balance of flash and ambient. The result is the best of both worlds, bright, even lighting without losing the beauty of natural light. It also means I can photograph rooms without a window or a light and make ugly basements look bright and almost cheery.

Virtual Staging

The affordable alternative to the real thing, virtual staging has the power to turn a bland, empty studio into a coveted slice of paradise. I price my virtual staging at $10-$40 per photo. It's not a substitute for the real thing but it definitely can help. I once heard an experienced agent say it not only makes things look better, it can even make the room seem bigger. 

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Floor Plans

My floor plans cost between $50 and $150. I measure each room with a precision laser guide then draw a digital rendering that will give homebuyers a much better idea of the exact layout of the listing.

1448 Harvard St NW

Washington, DC 20009

Email: ja@jack-adams-photography.com 


Phone: 617-816-1701

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